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Had an amazing Nuru massage done by Suzy. The place is clean and you can shower before and after. I booked my session after work, so I was pretty tensed. The masseuse used all her body during the treatment and it felt amazing! Will definitely return for another one.

Got a Bourbon massage at Nuru studio and it was amazing! I booked it by phone, the operator was very friendly and answered all my questions. Once there, I got the most intense massage! It started with a relaxing massage, then it evolved into something more sensual. By the end of it, I was ecstatic

My friends booked me a Nuru massage for my stag party. I was reluctant to do it, get naked with another woman and everything, at first. The masseuse Jane was very professional and helped me relax before she started. I never knew a massage can feel this intense! The studio is clean and modern and everyone is very professional about their job

Got a full body to body nuru massage at the studio and it was great! When I arrived it was very hot, so I was glad I was able to shower before. The massage girl was definitely very experienced and knew how to use her entire body to slide over me. She started on my back, then I turned and she continued on my front. So much pleasure!

Sensual Massage in New York City

Sensual massage in New York is one of the best ways to relax after a long day at work or during the lunch break. There is nothing more relaxing than a sensual massage before a tough meeting, so businessmen often rely on massage services in New York City at Nuru studio to boost their well-being.

Sensual massage services are still seen as a tabu, but once you book your session at Nuru Studio you will get rid of all misconceptions. Our trained therapists are skilled in a number of erotic massages, from the ancient art of Nuru massage to light fetish or Bourbon massage. No matter which one you choose, you will have a memorable experience, which is going to make you come back for more.

Sexy Massage Girls Have a Magic Touch

Our New York sensual massage services are provided by a wide variety of sexy girls. These gorgeous women are able to work each part of your body to release all the tension. When they give you a body to body massage, they will use their entire body to make you feel amazing. If you've never had a sensual massage before, just forget about misconceptions and surrender yourself to your masseuse. She knows how to relieve all your worries, as she gives your chosen type of bodywork. When you get a sensual massage in NYC for the first time it's ok to be nervous, but your therapist knows how to help you unwind. Most erotic massage sessions take place with both persons naked, but it's common for first-timers to be a little shy. When this is the case, just go with the flow and allow the masseuse to lead you on the road of pleasure, stroke by stroke.











Each Sensual Massage Is a Personalized Experience

There are no two sensual massages the same, as each session is adjusted to the receiver. Your therapist will evaluate your needs and personalize your session accordingly. One day you might need to relieve tension accumulated between your shoulders, another day you might need to clear your mind. The therapist is going to talk about what you need and you can always ask her for something more specific.

What to Expect from a Sensual Massage in NYC

Despite the fact they are personalized, all sessions follow the same pattern and have the goal of providing the client with a memorable experience. The first steps of getting a sensual massage are picking your desired type of treatment and get naked.

The sexy massage girl will start by warming up your body. This is when you can start to relax and focus on her touch. As she will rub your body parts, stress will leave your muscles. The smell of oils is also going to contribute to the moment, helping you clear your mind.

The next phase of the sensual massage is all about building up pleasure. Depending on the type of bodywork you've chosen, there are multiple ways to do this.

The movements used by the therapist will change, as more sensual strokes will be used. The goal of this is to build up your pleasure and give you amazing sensations. The masseuse will start teasing your body over and over. Each time you are just about to climax, she will withdraw and let you cool down, before starting again. Edging is not only meant to arouse your body but also to help you control your breath. Your body will release happiness hormones, relieving all the physical and mental stress from your body. Your mood will be boosted and your libido will be enhanced. By the end of the sensual massage, your body will become more sensitive, giving you a new range of feelings.

Book Your Sensual Massage in New York to Get All the Benefits

Your pleasure is just one phone call away! Browse our selection of sensual massages and choose your favorite one, then choose your therapist. If you have any questions about our sessions, our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions. We take your privacy very seriously, so you don't have to worry about your personal information. Nuru Studio massage girls and staff value discretion. Your name and phone number will be deleted the moment your session is over. Book your session and prepare for an amazing experience!

To book an appointment now phone our friendly reception team on +1 707-999-7380, email [email protected], or book online via the booking form on our website.